The remission process is complete.  Remission payments mailed on or around January 15, 2014.  Remission checks expire April 15, 2014.

The United States Attorney for the Central District of California and the Federal Bureau of Investigation recently recovered approximately $1.8 million of the proceeds of the Kum Ventures fraud scheme (also known as Kum Holdings). These proceeds will be distributed to eligible victims of the scheme through a process called “remission.” Authority to grant remission rests with the U.S. Department of Justice, which has retained BMC Group/Analytics, Inc. to administer the remission process.  If you are a victim of Kum Ventures and wish to be considered for remission, you must complete a Petition Form and return it, including copies of all required supporting documentation, to the Remission Administrator. Detailed instructions for completing the Petition Form and other important information are provided in this website.


This remission is not available to former e-Bullion account holders who are not victims of Kum Ventures. A separate remission process has been established for persons who lost money from e-Bullion accounts held on or about August 1, 2008. Information regarding the separate e-Bullion remission process is available at or by calling 1-866-496-0332.